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Please vist the Wilton Shopping Village to see example of my work Nadder & Wylye home and gift and gift as also showing at The Baby Grow Club, Exeter Road Salisbury.

Baker has a broad range of styles and use of different mediums from Oil, Acrylic and Pastel and Water-Colour pencils. The Oil landscapes are mostly from Baker's home and surrounding local area, and atmospheric pastel scenes of Salisbury Cathedral with some odd quirky painting as well. Baker has recently held an exhibition at Fisherton Mill Salisbury in September 2016 called 13by13.

John Crosby Baker

My work is a culmination of a lifetime of watching movies, cartoons and reading and drawing

comic books (time well spent!)

My illustration style has an intrinsically cartoon feel, a natural development of contemporary mainstream influences and a reflection of pop art and kitsch inspiration.

Creating larger than life characters, weird, wonderful creatures and far out landscapes is something I’ve always wanted to do.

Nav Juty

How is studing Graphic Communication and illustration at Loughbourgh University.

This young artist with a unique abstract and colourful style to these great animal paintings.


Nicole Allan

The Story of CowParade®

Everyone has a story, and we’re no different. It’s just that our story involves a herd of life-size fibreglass cows, many very talented artists and the art-loving public around the globe.


The first CowParade® was held in Zurich in 1998, with the aim of show-casing local artistic talent and bringing some life to the streets of the city. The rest is history, with events taking place in Chicago and New York, quickly followed by many cities across the globe. CowParade® has brightened the streets of cities in every continent of the world, and the parade is continuing with new cities participating every year. So far, more than 70 cities have participated with over 6.500 artists involved in the design of more than 6.000 cows! CowParade has grown into the truly largest public art event in the world. http://www.cowparade.com/



Cow Parade

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